Are you a business owner or manager with high utility bills?

Would you like to reduce or eliminate your electricity costs simply by installing solar panels on your building roof or on adjacent property? Thousands of Southeastern businesses just like yours are already enjoying the rewards of investing in clean, green, renewable energy!

Turn existing space into revenue and generate thousands for your business

S2 Solar provides solar energy for businesses across many sectors, including: manufacturing, industrial operations, agricultural business, and commercial real estate. Commercial and industrial facilities often have large roofs, open land, and parking lots that go unused. Installing rooftop solar or ground-mounted solar can: provide new revenue streams, reduce electric bills, reduce corporate and stakeholder tax liability, take tangible action toward sustainability, and increase security of your power supply. In such a competitive and highly-regulated time, employing a solar powered solution differentiates and elevates your business!

Commercial solar systems are cash-flow positive within 3-6 years

When a business in the Southeast is able to make a cash purchase of a commercial solar system, high energy consumption from their daily operations coupled with major solar incentives results in this capital investment becoming cash-flow positive as early as Year-3. With proper maintenance, solar system life of 30+ years is common, and leads to a higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional investment opportunities.

Because the costs of solar are paid up front while the benefits are realized over decades, many companies are not able to make a cash purchase. They overcome this barrier by utilizing S2 Solar’s commercial solar financing to spread the project costs over 10 years. Whether you are considering a cash purchase or financing, get detailed information specific to your business by Contacting Us!

Who’s Benefitting?

Manufacturing environments

Manufacturing facilities often run 24-hours per day and have a high rate of electricity consumption for equipment processes, compressed air, boilers and steam, heating, cooling, and more. Solar energy for manufacturing environments entails a multitude of solar powered solutions. In addition to reducing electricity consumption and the other benefits of solar highlighted above, these renewable energy systems for large power consumers often assist with reduction of peak demand charges (“peak shaving” through grid storage solutions), and delivering backup power.

Industrial process

Most industrial processes consume thousands of megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity each year. Using power generated from the sun, positioning an industrial solar system on or adjacent to the site will greatly decrease the amount of electricity purchased from the utility. In addition to saving industrial businesses money, industrial solar solutions also reduce tax liability, increase sustainability, and diversify fuel portfolios.

Agricultural business

Modern agriculture is often dependent on large amounts of electricity. This is consumed through water pumping for irrigation, heating and cooling of facilities, and overall business operations. Often large farm operations have existing land that is ideal for a Commercial Solar Project or Solar Farm. Have you visited our Farm Solar page?

Data centers

Data Centers have a heavy energy footprint, depending on and consuming large amounts of electricity to maintain critical operations across the world wide web. Commercial solar energy offers an on-site solution to generate this electrical need and create a higher level of resiliency against utility rate increases and future grid dependence.

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