Wilmington, NC: PolyQuest, Inc. announced today the completion of its solar energy project at its recycling and distribution facility in Darlington, South Carolina. The system is comprised of over 1,500 solar panels which will provide 30 years’ worth of clean energy and displace 1,205 barrels of oil per year.

“As a recycling company we continue to identify ways we can provide sustainable solutions to our customers and our community” said Tod Durst Executive Vice President of PolyQuest. “By investing in solar energy we are making a longer term commitment to minimize our impact on the environment and operate our Darlington facility in a cleaner and more efficient manner”.

Duke Energy Progress, the State of South Carolina and Darlington County jointly contributed towards creating a stable platform for growth of renewable energy in the region. Legislation passed in South Carolina known as Act 236; The Distributed Energy Resource Program Act resulted in the issuance of a solar rebate program by Duke Energy Progress. Mr. Durst explained that “the support
offered by Duke underscores why South Carolina and Darlington County remain a very strategic location for our us to own and effectively operate our recycling facility.”

Charleston, South Carolina based Southern Current, LLC completed the project with the deal brokered by Ben Kerr of S2Solar based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Mr. Kerr explained that this project should have lasting benefits for PolyQuest. “It’s refreshing to meet and work with people like the team at PolyQuest. They conduct themselves in a first-class manner, they’re calculated yet
efficient decision makers, they’re forward-thinking, and they understand the need for businesses and our society as a whole to quickly transition to renewable energy. I’m proud of the partnership and what was accomplished, and I’m excited to know PolyQuest will benefit from solar for the next 30-years.”

About PolyQuest, Inc.
PolyQuest (www.polyquest.com) is a privately help company headquartered in Wilmington, N.C. It is the largest distributor of PET resins in the U.S. and Canada and one of the fastest growing recyclers in the U.S.